Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Safe Children... Bright Futures.

Our Mission

We promote the well-being of children, families and communities. We protect and care for children at risk.

Our Strategy Map

Our Guiding Principles

- Child Safety and Well-being

Children will:

  • Be safely maintained in their homes whenever possible and appropriate
  • Be supported to achieve their potential in all developmental areas
  • Live in a safe environment that nurtures and improves their well-being

- Child’s Sense of Belonging and Identity

Children will:

  • Be provided with an opportunity to attach to and depend on a nurturing adult
  • Whenever possible, live in family-based care that is nurturing and supportive
  • Experience long term relationships that are meaningful and lasting

- Empowering Families

  • Each family is unique and requires a customized response
  • Service provision should be based on collaborative relationships with families
  • Services should focus on strengthening families and building their capacity

- Supporting Families Through Community

  • Families are best supported within a strong community
  • Service provision should be based on respectful and collaborative partnerships with community

- Effective Intervention and Inclusive Services

Service provision will:

  • Reflect a strong commitment to early intervention
  • Be flexible and respond to the unique needs of the family
  • Support an inclusive model of intervention that emphasizes the family’s right and obligation to plan for their children's safety and future
  • Reflect the critical importance of time in a child’s life stage (Children have a sense of time that is different from that of adults.  Our services must respect this.)

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